Using your Rehook


Rehook is ideal for dropped chains, maintenance and when changing a tyre. Its very simple to use. For dropped chains just hook, fit and turn.

Hook - Use Rehook to hook your dropped chain
Fit     - Put the chain back on at the top of the gears
Turn  - Use Rehook as a handle to turn your gears forward


Also great for rear gears, Rehook fits into small gaps that fingers can’t reach and makes a multitude of chain related tasks and jams much simpler to resolve. 



The high grip silicon strap can be attached to your bike frame. Usually the down tube is the best spot to attach it to.

The strap grips best when it's on a looser hole (which is a bit counter intuitive) if it's over-tightened then the holes become larger and it isn't as firm.


Tyre Levers

Press the blue hexagon to separate the blue lever from your Rehook PLUS.

We have designed Rehook PLUS to have one tyre lever which is similar to a Park or Pedro with a wide lever, spoke clip and box construction for strength. The other lever (on the end of the black Rehook tool handle) has a finer edge and is straight rather than curved so it is as easy as possible to run around the rim. The Black lever is designed to do the heavy lifting and the blue lever comes with a spoke clip. the spoke clip attaches onto your wheel to hold the tyre in place while you work the rest of the tyre off with the black lever.

You should always ensure tyres are fully deflated before removing them from a wheel. Always begin by pushing the deflated tyre bead to the centre of the rim all of the way around the wheel. Start near the valve when removing a tyre and end near the valve when putting the tyre back on. 


Screws and Hex

Rehook PLUS comes equipped with a Philips PH1 screwdriver, H5 and H6 Hex/Allen keys.

Push the blue hexagon to reveal the interchangeable screw driver bits inside.

You can tap the bits into your hand or remove them with the blue tyre lever.

Once removed, you can place the bits into the 6mm magnetic socket on the front of the tool. 



Rehook PLUS comes with 8mm, 9mm and 10mm wrenches. 

Simply remove the blue tyre lever and attach the correct size wrench to a bolt.


Spoke Keys

Rehook PLUS has 2 sizes of spoke keys. The left key (3.23mm) is used on most bikes. The right key (3.45mm) is more commonly used on e-bikes and tandems.