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Rehook Original Chain Tool - Twin Pack

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This twin pack allows you to benefit from two Rehook Original tools, at a reduced price.

Its unique patented design keeps oil and dirt away from your hands and clothes - No more jammed fingers and oily bar tape!

The perfect addition to your cycle tool kit. Lightweight and easy to use with no mess. Ideal for dropped chains, jams, turbo trainers, maintenance and when changing a tube/tyre. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

UK Flag - locally made cycling products

Made in the UK within 30 minutes of our Norfolk HQ
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I bought the Rehook Original a few months ago and surprisingly I’ve had to use it 4 times. It’s absolutely brilliant! Everything you claim for it is true. I’ve been able to put the chain back without any mess and carry on with my journey. Thanks for inventing it!

- Phil

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of Rehook Original?

The Rehook Original tool is notably lightweight, tipping the scales at just 20 grams. This featherlight design ensures it won't add any significant weight to your cycling kit, maintaining ease of portability and convenience.

What is the size of Rehook Original?

The Rehook Original has compact dimensions, being 135mm in length, 24mm in width, and 9mm in thickness. These measurements make it conveniently small and easy to carry, whether it's stowed in a saddlebag, a pocket, or attached to the bike frame itself.

Does Rehook Original attach to your bike?

Yes, Rehook Original can attach to your bike. It comes with its own silicone strap that can be fixed to the bike frame, allowing for easy and convenient access. This makes the tool readily available and ensures you don't have to rummage through your bag in a moment of need.

Is Rehook Original better than using plastic gloves?

Rehook Original offers distinct advantages over using plastic gloves when dealing with a slipped bike chains, firstly:

Efficiency: Rehook allows for quick reseating of the chain without the fumble of putting on gloves, saving time especially during a race or when in a hurry.

Control: It provides a more precise mechanism to hook the chain and place it back onto the sprocket, which can be tricky with gloves that might slip or not offer the same level of dexterity.

Cleanliness: While gloves protect your hands from getting dirty, Rehook eliminates the need to touch the chain altogether, keeping your hands and gloves clean.

Eco-friendly: Disposable gloves can be wasteful and contribute to plastic pollution. Rehook is a reusable tool, aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

Accessibility: Rehook attaches directly to your bike, ensuring it’s always there when you need it, unlike gloves which you may forget to bring or could get lost.

Durability: Rehook is made from durable materials designed to last, while plastic gloves are prone to tears and can be easily damaged during use.

Where is this tool manufactured?

The tool is designed and manufactured in the UK. This commitment to local production supports the local economy, allows for close relationships with suppliers, and ensures a high standard of quality control for our products. Manufacturing within the UK also aligns with environmental considerations by reducing our transportation carbon footprint.