I've had the pleasure of working with many different tyre levers over the years. However, the two that I'd like to put through their paces today are the Tyre Glider and the Crankbrothers Speedier Lever. The Tyre Glider is a newbie to the market, can it compete against my workshop favourite, the Speedier Lever?

In this comparison, I will be taking a look at both of these tyre levers, examining their ease of use, performance in the workshop and at the roadside, and their compatibility with different types of tires. 

Overview - Tyre Glider has the ability to take tyres off and put them back on with ease. Taking off is done by using the foot of the tool and scooping under the tyre bead, it is then used as a handle to quickly glide around the rim. To install you use the clip on the side to attach onto the rim which glides around the wheel to push a tyre into place with minimum effort.

Speedier Lever works by using the section labeled 'install' to take the tyre off and the section labelled 'remove' to place the tyre back on. Removal works in the same way to a traditional tyre lever, scooping underneath and working it round the rim. To install you will use the other end to clip over the rim and push back around similarly to Tyre Glider. 

Which lever is easier to use?

When it comes to ease of use, both the Tyre Glider and the Crankbrothers Speedier Lever are designed to make tyre changes as easy as possible. As Tyre Glider isn't designed in the shadow of a traditional tire lever, initial function identification did slow me down. However the instructions are clear and after a quick read up I found each function to be very straightforward. Both tools are designed to both remove and replace tyres from the rim. The Crankbrothers Speedier Lever has a clear print to identify the purpose of each end, whereas it is advisable to check the usage instructions on the Tyre Glider to make sure you are using the right part for either removing or replacing your tyre. However once I tried out the Tyre Glider I found it incredibly simple to use. I found that due to the positioning of your hand with the Speedier Lever, you may struggle to get some serious force needed for tight-fitting tyres. Whereas the design of the Tyre Glider allows you to use the palm of your hand to apply the pressure needed, making for a far simpler installation. Overall, I would say that the Tyre Glider has the edge in terms of ease of use.

Which lever performs better in the workshop?

When it comes to performance in the workshop, both tyre levers are well suited for the task at hand. The Tyre Glider is perfect for use in a workshop setting as it is small and quick to use, making tire changes easy. It also performs really well with tight-fitting tires. The Crank Brothers Speedier Lever can also be a valuable tool for quickly and easily changing tires on a bike, especially for mechanics who are working on a large number of bikes, as it can save time and effort compared to using traditional tire levers. However, I felt, the Tyre Glider is actually more versatile and can handle different types of tires with greater ease.

Which lever is better for roadside repairs?

Both the Tyre Glider and the Crank Brothers Speedier Lever are great for use at the roadside. Both are compact in size and easy to use making them an ideal tool for quickly changing a flat tire. Both are suitable for on-the-go repairs but, depending on your wheel and tyre combination, I felt the Tyre Glider performed better in those cold roadside conditions. As Tyre Glider clips securely to the rim of the wheel I feel this would work better with cold roadside fingers. Tyre Glider takes those cold fingers out of the equation when reinstalling on the roadside as it is the palm of you hand which glides on your tyre not your frozen digits. 

Which lever is more compatible with different types of tires?

Both the Tyre Glider and the Crank Brothers Speedier Lever are compatible with both mountain bike and road bike tires. The Tyre Glider is designed to work with either MTB or road tyres and makes short work of both. The Crank Brothers Speedier Lever is suitable for use with mountain bike tires, as its design is able to accommodate the thicker and more robust tires used on mountain bikes, and can also be used with road bike tires. However I feel, that the Tyre Glider flat foot design is actually far more effective for tight fitting road tyres as it allowed me to stand over the wheel, applying my strength in a downwards motion to fit the last section of tight tyre. Whereas the Speedier Lever just didn't allow me that position of purchase.

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Which lever is smaller and lighter in size and weight?

The Size and weight comparison of both levers is presented in the table below:

Lever Tyre Glider Crankbrothers Speedier Lever
Length (cm) 8 14.5
Height (cm) 4 3
Width (cm) 3 2
Weight (g) 20 25


Which lever is more convenient for storage?

As we can see from the table above, the Tyre Glider is smaller and lighter in size and weight compared to the Crankbrothers Speedier Lever. This makes it more portable and easier to carry around. However the Speedier Lever does have a slightly flatter profile for pocket or bag storage.

Conclusion: So, which lever is the winner?

In conclusion, Both the Tyre Glider and the Crankbrothers Speedier Lever are great tyre levers that make changing tires a breeze. However, for me, the Tyre Glider comes out as the overall winner in this comparison because of its ease of use, performance, compatibility with different types of tires, smaller and lighter size and weight, and is more convenient for storage. I've always used a Speedier Lever however since trying the Tyre Glider, I have to admit, I might be a convert. So, if you're in the market for a new tyre lever, the Tyre Glider is the way to go! It's like having a trusty sidekick, always there to help you out when you need it most.

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