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Tyre Glider - No more Tyre Levers

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The evolution of tyre levers. Quicker, more robust and simpler to use, Rehook Tyre Glider glides tyres both on and off with ease. The compact and lightweight design works across all bike disciplines, allowing swift removal and installation of tight fitting tyres.

  • The evolution of tyre levers.
  • Quicker, Easier, Compact.
  • Glides tyres on and off.

The Evolution of Tyre Levers

How to use tyre glider to remove a bike tyre

Speedy Tyre Removal

Rehook Tyre Glider scoops under the tyre bead and is used as a handle to quickly glide around the rim.

Full instructions

How to use tyre glider to install a bike tyre

Easy Tyre Installation

Rehook Tyre Glider clips onto the rim
and glides around the wheel to
push a tyre into place with
minimum effort.

Full instructions

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