Rehook was recently featured on Rehook is the original tool to get your chain back on your bike. It weighs just 20 grams and attaches to your bike, so it’s always at hand when you need it.

The review site, dubbed 'the soul of cycling', gave Rehook an impressive 5 out of 5 stars for Durability and 4/5 for Function. 
'I was very impressed with the function of the Rehook.  It holds the chain securely and you can pull the chain quite hard if it needs to be rescued from a wedged-in position'
- John Swindells, CycledCC
The review highlighted the pains of fitting a dropped chain and the mess that ensues on oily hands and handle bars.
'A dropped chain is one of the most infuriating and messy calamities that can befall a cyclist'
'Even the most well-adjusted drivetrain can lose its way, and when it does we will usually find ourselves grappling with chain and chainrings in the effort to get everything back in place.'
The article covered the background of Rehook, including how it was developed and taken to market using 3D printing. It also covered the recent move to mass production and planned availability in retail stores.
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