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Rehook engineers solutions to combat everyday cycling problems.

The company was launched with the original tool to get your chain back on your bike - without the mess. We now produce a range of cycling tools and accessories, including our Rehook PLUS multi tool. We are continually innovating new products to give you peace of mind while riding.

Always there, to get you back on your bike.

"Rehook was created after dropping a chain, and turning up late for a meeting, covered in oil"

The Original

Our original Rehook tool was designed to easily get your chain back on your bike - without the mess. The idea came to our founder, Wayne Taylor, after his bike chain came off while on the way to a meeting, and he was forced to show up late, with oil covered hands and a stained shirt. It is the kind of experience every cyclist who has had to put their chain back in a hurry is familiar with, and before Rehook there was no tool to effectively deal with the situation. 

After designing a tool perfect for the job, Wayne decided to test the waters by bringing the original Rehook to a cycling show, where it quickly sold out and impressed the cycling community. Seeing the potential in his product, Wayne then brought Rehook onto Dragon’s Den, where it was a huge success. With all the Dragon’s eager to invest, Wayne walked away with a £50,000 investment and big plans for the company. If you would like to learn more about our appearance on the show, you can check out this article.

Innovative Products for Modern Cyclists

A couple of years later, Rehook is a fast growing company that now offers a range of tools as well as a wide variety of cycling accessories, everything ranging from pumps to cycling helmets. We are continually innovating new products to give you peace of mind while riding, and have many more exciting ideas and projects to make life easier for cyclists of all walks of life.

Manufactured in the UK

Rehook PLUS is manufactured in the UK within 30 minutes drive of our Norfolk HQ. We maintain a good relationship with local manufacturing companies here in the UK as they are essential to our process of innovating and designing new products.

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