We were recently approached by #TotalMTB to help support their Christmas #TotalSurprise. #TotalMTB 

We recently partnered with the non profit Mountain biking community after finding out more about their awesome, inclusive mission to get everyone (regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion and appearance) out on their bikes to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. One of their many projects is #TotalSurprise. This fantastic project finds a deserving individual or group to surprise them with a visit or gift, spreading a little joy and happiness within the cycling community. Here at Rehook HQ we were invited to get involve in the Christmas #TotalSurprise, donating to 30 cycling goodie bags which were going to be given, unsuspectingly, to the awesome 'Little Rippers MTB Group'.

We decided to share 30 of our new Khaki colour Rehook Originals. Fresh off the press and not yet on the shelves. Our Rehook Original is the perfect tool to encourage younger riders to begin to take ownership of their own bike maintenance. The lightweight tool, perfect for little hands, attaches to their frame which allows them to carry a maintenance tool without the need for their own saddle bag or pocket. Perfect for younger (and older) riders who are learning to take responsibility for their own maintenance on their MTB journey. 


rehook original mtb chain tool special edition

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