Free Tickets: Join Rehook at The National Cycling Show 2024

Free Tickets: Join Rehook at The National Cycling Show 2024

The National Cycling Show is the premier event for cycling enthusiasts, professionals, and families alike, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore the latest trends, innovations, and the vibrant community that makes cycling more than just a mode of transport - it's a way of life. This year, the event is set to take place at the NEC, on June 15-16, 2024, and we're excited to announce that Rehook will be there!

As part of our ongoing mission to provide simple solutions to everyday cycling problems, Rehook will be showcasing our latest cycling equipment, accessories, bike care products, and apparel. From the original tool that helps you get your chain back on your bike without the mess, to our expanding range of innovative products designed to enhance your cycling experience, we've got something for every cyclist.

Exclusive Offer: Free Weekend Admission

In celebration of our participation and to ensure our valued community members can join us, we're thrilled to offer an exclusive opportunity for free weekend admission to The National Cycling Show. How can you take advantage of this fantastic offer? It's simple - sign up for the Rehook newsletter by entering your email below. Expires April 8.

By signing up, not only will you gain access to free admission, but you'll also stay updated with the latest from Rehook, from product launches to insightful tips that will help you embrace adventure on a bike, regardless of your experience level, ability, or mobility.


We can't wait to meet you at the NEC for The National Cycling Show 2024. Remember, the journey to adventure begins with a single pedal stroke. Let's make those moments count, with Rehook by your side.

For more details about The National Cycling Show, visit their website.



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