“Never get your hands mucky again with this simple tool for refitting a dropped chain”
 - David Arthur, Road.CC
Road.cc recently reported on Rehook. Stating that the tool aims to make it super easy to get the chain back on the crankset, all while keeping your hands and fingers clean.

The tool makes a great gift on the run up to fathers day for any cycling dad!
The article recognised the need for the tool and how even the top cyclists cant escape derailing a chain.
“In an ideal world, of course, the chain would never derail but it does happen from time to time, it even happens to the world’s best professional cyclists.”
The article covered launching the product with 3D printing and the recent move to mass production based in the UK.

The article sparked comments on preferred foliage or digits currently used for the job, as well why Rehook makes it much cleaner and easier. 
'You could make do with an Allen tool or tyre lever to get the chain back on, but Rehook is designed to make it much easier and simpler. The lever has a hook on the end to pull the chain into place, and the handle keeps your hand away from the oily chain.'
We suggest you check out the video to see how easy Rehook is to use. Or get your own at rehook.bike and try it first hand!
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