Our team are celebrating today, as Rehook has been shortlisted as a finalist for the GBEA Made In The UK award, a business award especially for companies like ours that primarily manufacture their products in the UK. 

'We are so honoured to be a finalist of the Made In The UK award. We are passionate about engineering great products and are always astounded by the wealth of great manufactures that are available throughout the UK. Manufacturing in the UK is a great way for us to reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain but also give us access to an amazing pool of knowledge and expertise.

Being a finalist is a huge testament to our team and our fantastic local manufacturers. The award helps affirm the status of both our Original Rehook tool and our new Rehook PLUS multitool as great British made products.'

 - Wayne Taylor, Rehook

There are many reasons that Rehook finds manufacturing our line of unique products in the UK to be deeply important: 

  • By manufacturing our line of products in the UK we do our best to support the local economy and local industries that we rely upon to survive and thrive as a UK business.
  • Manufacturing in the UK allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of our business through reduced emissions and air miles.
  • It allows us to much more effectively build up a strong relationship with manufacturers. Our relationship with said manufacturers is deeply important to us as our business relies very heavily on our ability to keep manufacturing new products in large quantities.
  • Manufacturing in the UK gives us a better understanding of manufacturing processes by visiting factories and seeing the process first hand. It is something we have done quite recently, visiting the UK based company that 3D prints our products.
  • By manufacturing in the UK we are able to develop new products more rapidly, by reducing turn around time of testing prototypes and samples. This is deeply important to us as we are always looking to innovate and improve our designs, so being able to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible is a major priority.

Overall we at Rehook care about the UK and our business, and are passionate about improving and growing both. The UK economy being strong is good for our business, and vice versa. It is an important relationship we are happy to strengthen by manufacturing in the UK. Our entire team is so happy to have been accepted as finalists for this award by the Great British Entrepreneur award committee, and we would like to thank Make It British for the amazing opportunity we find ourselves presented with. Standing with so many other great companies that manufacture in the UK is something truly special to us, and we hope to do our country proud and continue bringing out the best in new and innovative cycling products for years to come.

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