Rehook Shortlisted for 2 Think Global Awards

Rehook Shortlisted for 2 Think Global Awards

A huge thank you to Think Global Awards for shortlisting us in both Retail & E-Commerce and Marketing!

Think Global recognises success in individuals and organisations across the world; this years theme is 'Reimagining Culture', shining light on how businesses have had to overcome unprecedented challenges in the past year. 

As a team we have put our all into streamlining remote working, with collaboration tools, regular morning meetings, WhatsApp group chats and team bonding exercises. Most recently we took part in a casino heist virtual escape room, where we worked brilliantly as a team and managed to walk away with a record breaking amount of (fake) cash! 

Retaining company culture whilst not being able to have everyone in the office is paramount. We strongly believe that by making our 'workspace' cheerful and warm, we get the best out of everyone. Aligning the personal goals of the team and company growth is essential to our success and we work hard to ensure that everyone's time here is mutually beneficial. 

In the same way, we have focussed on creating an online community of cycling enthusiasts on various social media channels. For us, retail, e-commerce and marketing goes beyond selling. Growing our business and forming relationships with you all is entirely fulfilling and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, thank you again to Think Global, our team and our wonderful customers and friends who have made Rehook a joyous endeavour. We'll always be here to get you back on your bike!

 - Lucy


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