Using Your Rehook Tyre Glider

Using Your Rehook Tyre Glider

The evolution of tyre levers. Quicker, more robust and simpler to use, Rehook Tyre Glider glides tyres both on and off with ease. The compact and lightweight design works across all bike disciplines, allowing swift removal and installation of tight fitting tyres.



1. Scoop the foot of the Tyre Glider under the tyre bead

2. Turn the Tyre Glider so it is sitting horizontal to lever the tyre bead over the rim

3. Use as a handle to glide around the rim, removing one side of the tyre



1. Pushing the tyre back onto the wheel, clip the Tyre Glider onto the rim

2. Glide the Tyre Glider clockwise around rim until the tyre is back on.

The tool is designed to help guide the innertube into place as you glide. However you will need to ensure no sections of the innertube are protruding from the tyre as you glide the tool around the rim.

As with all maintenance tools, ensure the tool and the rim of your wheel is free from dirt and grit and in good condition before you attempt to glide around your wheel. This will ensure both will remain in tip top condition.

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Change tyres with ease


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Changing a tyre shouldn’t be difficult but I’ve always had problems “fighting the rubber”. I always dread when I have to change a tyre. Last time frustration got the better of me and I fell out on the tyre with a hacksaw to release it from the wheel rim. Tyre levers either broke or bent.

I have found the Rehook Tyre Glider is the answer to my tyre changing prayers.

Thanks for a great product.

Ross Taylor

Watched your sales lady at the Birmingham Cycle Show today, on how to use the Rehook Tyre Glider. She made taking a tyre off and on a wheel look so easy that i thought the tyre she was using must have become stretched due to all the demonstrations. But i bought one and as soon as i got home i had to test it out on my road wheels which the tyres are always difficult to get back on. But just as the lady demonstrated, it was so easy. No more sore thumbs trying to get the trye back on. Well worth the money.


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