Welcome to the tire changing tool showdown, where we'll be putting the Tyre Glider against Pedros Tyre Levers, two heavyweights in the tyre changing game. The Tyre Glider is a compact and efficient tool designed to make it easier to take tight-fitting tires off and on for both road bikes and mountain bikes. The Pedros Tyre Levers, on the other hand, are traditional tyre levers known for their durability and the added feature of a clip to attach to the spokes of the rim. Both tools promise to make tire changing a breeze, but only one can come out on top. Let's get ready to rumble! 

Overview - Tyre Glider has the ability to take tyres off and put them back on with ease. Taking off is done by using the foot of the tool and scooping under the tyre bead, it is then used as a handle to quickly glide around the rim. To install, you use the clip on the side to attach onto the rim which glides around the wheel to push a tyre into place with minimum effort. Only one tool is requires for removal and installation. 

Pedros Tyre Levers follow the traditional design of tyre levers. By using the foot, scoop under the rim and work around the wheel until the tyre is off. To enable secure leverage the hook on the opposite end will attach to the spokes.  These levers come in a pack of 2.


Ease of Use- Which tool is easier to use for tire changes?

The Tyre Glider is like a Swiss Army knife of tire changing tools, it's compact and efficient design makes it a breeze to take tight-fitting tires off and on. Meanwhile Pedros Tyre Levers are simple levers to use that feel strong and durable however, I found, the added clip can make it a bit tricky to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Plus, the fact that they come in a pack of two may limit you if you're struggling to change a harsh-fitting tyre. With a traditional tyre lever such as this you are obviously limited to one function, the removal of the tyre. However the Tyre Glider offer both removal and installation, in one compact tool.

In the Workshop - Which tool is better suited for use in a workshop setting?

Both tools perform incredibly well in the workshop, handling any tire and rim combination thrown their way. The Pedros are incredibly durable and versatile, making them a good option for a wide range of different tyre and rim combinations. However I do feel that the added benefit of installation of the wheel does put the Tyre Glider ahead, even in a workshop situation. 

At the Roadside - Which tool is better suited for use on the roadside?

When it comes to on-the-go tire changes, the Tyre Glider is the clear winner. Its compact size and ease of use make it perfect for tackling unexpected tire issues on the road, both removing and replacing. Cold roadside tyre changes can always be more challenging with cold fingers. Tyre Glider takes those cold fingers out of the equation when reinstalling on the roadside as it is the palm of you hand which glides on your tyre, not your frozen digits. Meanwhile Pedros, while durable and versatile, may complete your removal effortlessly. However you will need to carry an additional tool or use your cold hands to replace your tyre. 

Which tool performs better on a variety of tires?


I found both tools to be incredibly effective in the removal of both road tyres and MTB tyres. Both had the strength and design to swiftly glide every tyre tested off the wheel.  However when it comes to reinstalling the tyre, the Tyre Glider is the clear winner, with its incorporated function. The side clip attaches to the rim and simply reseats the tyre as it slides around the wheel. The last tight section can be easily over come by standing over the wheel with the bottom pinned between your feet. Then using the palm of your hand apply pressure to the foot of the tool, gliding on the last section. 



Tool Length (cm) Height (cm) Width (cm) Weight (g)
Tyre Glider 8 4 3 20
Pedros 11 2 2.5 43



Storage - Which tool is easier to store and transport

Both the Tyre Glider and Pedros are small enough to fit in your pocket while riding and don't take up much storage space. However, the Tyre Glider's compact design makes it even more convenient to transport, while Pedros come in a pack of two which may take up slightly more space.


After comparing the Tyre Glider and Pedros, it's clear that the Tyre Glider is the overall winner. Its compact and efficient design makes it easy to use for tight-fitting tires on both road bikes and mountain bikes, both in a workshop setting and on the roadside. Plus, its versatility and durability make it a great tool to have on hand for any tire changing situation. The Pedros, while solid traditional tyre levers, can't quite match the Tyre Glider's all-around performance. But hey, we can't all be superstars, right?

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