Rehook Tyre glider, Tyre Monkey, Tire lever challenge

Tyre Glider VS Tyre Monkey

When it comes to changing tyres, there are a few options on the market at the moment so I've decided to put these two market leaders to the test. Score cards at the ready please...
Overview -  Tyre Glider has the ability to take tyres off and put them back on with ease. Taking off is done by using the foot of the tool and scooping under the tyre bead, it is then used as a handle to quickly glide around the rim. To install, you use the clip on the side to attach onto the rim which glides around the wheel to push a tyre into place with minimum effort.
For Tyre Monkey the process is very similar. Also using the foot of the tool you scoop underneath the bead and using the handle, you push around the rim. Installing the tyre back on is done by using the clip underneath the foot and placing onto the side of the rim. Once again using the handle to push around the rim reseating the tyre into place.

Which one is easier to use?

When it comes to ease of use, both the Tyre Glider and Tyre Monkey are relatively simple to use. The Tyre Glider has a clear foot scoop to remove the tire and a clip on the side to guide the tire back onto the rim. The Tyre Monkey, on the other hand keeps the appearance of a Tyre Lever, including a foot scoop to remove the tire and a clip towards the end of the lever to guide the tire back on. I felt both removed my tyres well, each sliding under the rim with no problems and a simple glide around the rim made short work of removal. However when in use, I found, the Tyre Monkey's clip was too big for the rims in my workshop. This led to it feeling loose when installing and often slipping off. The Tyre Glider however clipped neatly to the rim allowing me to focus on pushing the pressure in one direction rather than multiple.

Which one is more effective in a workshop setting?

In a workshop setting, both the Tyre Glider and Tyre Monkey are effective tools. They are small and quick to use, making tire changes straightforward and quick. However when installing a tighter fitting tire, I found, the Tyre Monkey did not work as well because the force applied to the handle is not in the optimal position and the clip didn't have a secure connection to the rim. This limited the amount of force that can be used to install the tire. With a particularly tight tyre I found I needed extra pressure to complete the installation, with the Tyre Glider this pressure could comfortably be applied to the flat foot of the tool. However, due to the tire level shape, the Tyre Monkey had no such surface to apply force, putting unnecessary pressure into my thumb.

 Which one is more effective at the roadside?

When it comes to changing tires at the roadside, both the Tyre Glider and Tyre Monkey are both great options. They are small and easy to carry, making it easy to change tires on the go. However, if you travel with a particularly tight wheel and tyre combination, you may want to consider how that clip attaches to your wheel. Cold roadside tyre changes can alway be more challenging with cold fingers. Tyre Glider takes those cold fingers out of the equation when reinstalling on the roadside as it is the palm of you hand which glides on your tyre not your frozen digits. 

Which one is more compatible with different types of tires?

The Tyre Glider works well with both mountain bike and road bike tires, taking them off and on with ease. The Tyre Monkey also works well with mountain bike tires, but when installing a tighter fitting road bike tire, I found the flat foot of the Tyre Glider to be the clear winner. This allowed me to stand over the wheel and apply my full pressure on to that foot - easy gliding!

How do they compare in size and weight?

Tool Length (cm) Height (cm) Width (cm) Weight (g)
Tyre Glider 8 4 3 20
Tyre Monkey 10 2.5 2.5 20

 As we can see from the table above, both the Tyre Glider and Tyre Monkey have similar dimensions and weight.

Which tool is the overall winner?

In conclusion, it's time to crown a winner in this battle of the best tyre lever. For me, the Tyre Glider is the ultimate champion, coming out on top in ease of use, effectiveness in a workshop setting, effectiveness at the roadside, and compatibility with different types of tires. So, when it comes to changing tires on both mountain and road bikes, go with the Tyre Glider, the ultimate tyre lever champion!

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