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Rehook Mini is the pocket-sized tool to get your chain back on your bike. Ideal for dropped chains and making roadside adjustments.

Rehook mini is more compact than ever and available in multiple colours. You can attach it to your keys or bag and always have it with you when you ride. An essential pocket tool for any cyclist looking to travel light.


To replace a dropped chain just flip open your Rehook mini then Hook, Fit and Turn...

Hook - Use Rehook to hook your dropped chain

Fit     - Put the chain back on at the top of the gears

Turn  - Use Rehook as a handle to turn your gears forward

Step 1 - Hook

Use the hook at the end of the tool to grab the chain. This should grip both side of the link with the pin through the middle of the chain.

Hint: Hook the chain from the section under the front sprocket, then pull this part onto the top of the sprocket.

Step 2 - Fit

Pull the chain onto the top of the sprocket and place onto the gear.

Hint: Make sure you put the chain onto the gear which is currently selected, to avoid it slipping again.

Step 3 - Turn

The chain should now be on most of the teeth of the gear. With one hand, lift the weight off the back wheel. With the other hand, turn the pedal crank. 

Hint: Make sure to turn the pedals forward, whilst keeping all fingers clear of moving parts.

Your chain should now be back on the bike with little effort. If the chain repeatedly comes off, then you may need to address your gear set up or the length of the chain.


Rear Gears

Also great for rear gears, Rehook fits into small gaps that fingers can’t reach and makes a multitude of chain related tasks and jams much simpler to resolve. 

Tool Bits

You can flip open your Rehook Mini to fold out and use the tool bit inside.


As standard Rehook mini comes with a Phillips PH1 screwdriver, however we also offer the option to customise which tool bits are included. A pack of additional tool bits is also available which includes the following bike specific tools: H5 & H6 Hex/Allen, T25 and T30 Torx, PZ2 Pozidrive.

To use your selected tool bit, flip open your Rehook Mini and remove the tool bit, then slide it into the 6mm magnetic socket on the front of the tool.


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