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Two-seventy-five mountain bike


A mountain bike with 27.5 inch wheels

Example usage: 'I just bought a new 275-mtb to take on my next trail ride.'

Most used in: Mountain biking communities around the world.

Most used by: Mountain bikers who prefer the mid-sized wheel size of 27.5 inches.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: 275-inch wheel, 275-inch mountain bike, 650B MTB, Two-Seven-Five MTB,


What is a 275-MTB?

A 275-MTB (Mountain Bike) is a type of bicycle designed to be used off-road, usually on rough terrain, dirt trails, and other unpaved surfaces. The 275-MTB is a relatively new breed of mountain bike, with its distinguishing feature being its wheel size. Rather than the more common 26-inch wheel size, the 275-MTB has a wheel diameter of 27.5 inches, or roughly 2.75 inches. The wheel size of the 275-MTB offers riders a unique balance between speed, agility, and stability.

Unlike traditional mountain bikes, the 275-MTB is designed to be more stable on downhill terrain, while still providing the agility and quickness of a 26-inch bike. The larger wheel size also allows the rider to take on bigger obstacles with more confidence, and the larger tire size helps to increase traction and grip on slippery surfaces. This makes the 275-MTB especially well-suited for technical trails and downhill riding.

According to a survey from the National Bicycle Dealers Association, the 275-MTB is the fastest-growing segment of the mountain bike market. In 2018, the sales of 275-MTB bikes grew by 20 percent, compared to just 2 percent for 26-inch mountain bikes. This suggests that the 275-MTB is quickly becoming the preferred choice for mountain biking enthusiasts.


The Origin of the Term '275-MTB' in Cycling

The term '275-MTB' is a relatively recent term used in the context of mountain biking. It originated in the mid-2000s in the United States, and is used to describe a type of mountain bike with 27.5-inch wheels, as opposed to 26-inch wheels or 29-inch wheels.

The term '275-MTB' was first used around the same time that 27.5-inch mountain bikes began appearing on the market. This was in the mid-2000s, when bike manufacturers started introducing bikes with wheels that were larger than the standard 26-inch wheels, but smaller than the 29-inch wheels that had recently become popular.

Since then, the term '275-MTB' has become widely used in the cycling community, and is now used to describe any mountain bike that has 27.5-inch wheels. The term has become so popular that it is now used as a shorthand to refer to any mountain bike with 27.5-inch wheels, regardless of the brand or model.

The term '275-MTB' has become a staple in the cycling community, and is now used by riders and bike manufacturers alike. It is a convenient way to refer to mountain bikes with 27.5-inch wheels, and is a reminder of the evolution of mountain biking over the past few decades.

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