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A misfortunate crash in which the cyclist's pedal strikes the ground.

Example usage: 'I was riding my bike and I totally augerd it.'

Most used in: Mountain biking communities.

Most used by: More experienced mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8

Comedy Value: 6

Also see: pedal stroke, pedal crank, crank rotation, pedal revolution,

What is an Auger in Cycling?

An Auger is a cycling term used to describe an abrupt stop of forward motion while pedaling. This often occurs when the cyclist is riding on a steep incline, and their momentum is no longer enough to keep them moving. It is considered a more advanced cycling maneuver, and is usually used by more experienced riders.

Augering can be a dangerous maneuver, and can lead to falls and injuries if not done properly. According to a study conducted by the British Medical Journal, cycling injuries have increased by 40% in the past decade, and cyclists should take extra caution when attempting more advanced maneuvers.

If you are an experienced cyclist looking to sharpen your skills, augering can be a great way to challenge yourself and improve your riding. It is important to always wear a helmet and other safety gear when attempting any new cycling maneuvers.


Exploring the Origin of the Term 'Auger' in Cycling

The term 'auger' first appeared in the cycling world in the mid-19th century, likely originating from the German word 'aueren', which translates to 'digging'. This term was used to describe the action of a rider pedaling in a circular motion, which is similar to the action that an auger, or drill, would make when digging.

The term 'auger' was first used to describe this type of cycling technique in the mid-1800s in Europe, particularly in Germany, France, and Belgium. It quickly became a popular and widely used term in the cycling world and remains a commonly used term today.

The action of an 'auger' is an essential part of cycling, as it allows riders to generate power and speed while cycling. It is used by cyclists of all levels, from amateur riders to professional racers. Augering is a technique that helps a cyclist to maintain a steady cadence while pedaling, which can be used to increase speed or maintain a steady pace.

The term 'auger' has been used in the cycling world for centuries, and it continues to be an important part of the cycling vocabulary today. Whether you're a novice cyclist or a professional racer, understanding the basics of augering is essential for a successful ride.

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