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bak rid-ing

verb, noun

Riding directly behind another cyclist

Example usage: Let's do some back riding so we can draft off each other.

Most used in: Road biking circles in Europe.

Most used by: Experienced road cyclists.

Popularity: 7/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: Drafting, Slipstreaming, Wheel Sucking, Drafting Off,


What is Back Riding in Cycling?

Back riding is a form of cycling that involves riding in a group, or “drafting”, behind a lead cyclist. The lead cyclist takes on the brunt of the wind resistance, allowing the other riders to conserve energy and ride faster. This technique is commonly used in competitive cycling, as the group of cyclists can travel faster than any single cyclist.

In addition to the speed advantage, back riding also provides cyclists with the opportunity to learn from more experienced riders. By riding behind a stronger cyclist, cyclists can observe the techniques used by the lead rider and apply it to their own cycling.

Back riding is a popular technique among professional cyclists, with studies showing that drafting can reduce air resistance by up to 40%. This can help cyclists save energy and ride faster, allowing them to compete at a higher level.

Overall, back riding is a valuable technique for cyclists of all levels. It allows cyclists to conserve energy and ride faster, while also providing an opportunity to learn from more experienced riders.

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The Origin of the Term 'Back Riding' in Cycling

The term 'back riding' has been used in cycling since the early 1900s, originating in the United States. The term was first used to describe a style of riding a bicycle where the rider sits on the handlebars of a bicycle, facing the rear of the bike, and the rider's feet are on the pedals. This style of riding was popular among young people in the US during the early 1900s.

The term 'back riding' is now used generally to describe any style of riding a bicycle where the rider is facing backwards. This includes riding a bicycle while sitting in a backwards-facing position on the handlebars, as well as riding a bicycle while standing on the pedals facing backwards. This type of riding is still popular among cyclists today.

In more recent times, the term 'back riding' has also been used to describe a bicycle stunt where a rider stands on the rear wheel of the bicycle while the bicycle is in motion. This is a more advanced form of riding and requires the rider to have a high level of skill and balance. This type of riding is often seen in competitive cycling, where riders attempt to do tricks and stunts while riding a bicycle.

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