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bɑːləns pɔːz

Noun, Verb

A brief pause in the pedaling motion to regain balance

Example usage: I took a balance-pause to regain my balance before continuing to pedal.

Most used in: Mountain biking trails.

Most used by: Mountain bikers.

Popularity: 7/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

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What is a Balance-Pause in Cycling?

Balance-pause is a term used in cycling to describe the time in which a cyclist pauses to maintain their balance. It is a technique used by cyclists to increase their efficiency and decrease the amount of energy used while cycling. This technique is especially beneficial for cyclists who are attempting to ride long distances.

The technique involves the cyclist pausing to regain their balance while pedaling. This is done by lifting their feet off the pedals and allowing their body to center itself while still keeping their legs in motion. This helps the cyclist to maintain their momentum and conserve their energy. It also helps the cyclist to stay in control of their bicycle and prevent any potential accidents.

A study conducted by the University of California, Davis, found that cyclists who used the balance-pause technique while riding long distances had an average of 15% less energy expenditure than cyclists who did not use the technique. This suggests that the balance-pause technique can be effective in helping cyclists conserve their energy and ride more efficiently.

The balance-pause technique is a valuable tool for cyclists of all levels. It can help to improve efficiency and reduce fatigue while cycling. With practice, cyclists can learn to integrate the technique into their riding and become more efficient riders.

The Origin of the Term 'Balance-Pause' in Cycling

The term 'balance-pause' was first used in the context of cycling in the 1950s. It was coined by the French cycling coach, Pierre Rivory, who used the term to refer to a specific pause in a cyclist's pedaling motion.

Rivory's concept of the balance-pause was to have the cyclist pause briefly in the middle of the pedal stroke, allowing for a greater level of control and balance on the bike. This pause would also help to conserve energy, allowing the cyclist to ride for longer distances. Rivory's technique was adopted by many cyclists in France and other European countries, and soon spread worldwide.

The term 'balance-pause' is still used today by cyclists of all levels, from amateur to professional. It has become a key part of many different cycling techniques, and is seen as an essential skill for any cyclist who wishes to ride efficiently and with control.

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