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bahr spihn

Noun, Verb

Bar Spin is a trick where a cyclist spins the handlebars 360 degrees while in the air.

Example usage: I saw a biker do a bar spin off the jump.

Most used in: Mountain biking and BMX.

Most used by: Experienced cyclists looking to show off their skills.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

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What Is A Bar Spin?

A bar spin is a trick where a cyclist rotates the handlebars 360 degrees while the frame of the bike remains stationary. This trick is primarily used by BMX cyclists and is a popular move in competitions. The bar spin is a difficult trick to master and requires a combination of balance, strength and timing.

The bar spin is a great way to impress friends, family and other cyclists with your skill. It's also a great move for showing off your style and creativity. Statistics show that professional BMX riders perform an average of 4 bar spins per run during competitions, although some can perform up to 6.

The bar spin is a fun trick to master and can be used to spice up your riding. With enough practice and dedication you can master this trick and add it to your arsenal of cycling moves.

The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Bar Spin'

The term 'Bar Spin' originated in the early 1990s in California, USA. It refers to a trick performed on a BMX bicycle where the rider grabs the handlebars and spins them around, while keeping their feet on the pedals. This trick was popularized by BMX riders in the San Francisco area who would use the trick to show off their skills.

The term 'Bar Spin' was first used in the mid 1990s by BMX riders in California who would use the term to describe the trick. The popularity of the trick quickly spread and it eventually became a staple in BMX riding. Today, the term 'Bar Spin' is used by BMX riders all over the world to describe the trick.

The term 'Bar Spin' is still used today to describe the trick, which is now a core part of BMX riding. It is often seen at competitions and demonstrations, and is a great way for BMX riders to show off their skills and style.

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