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bayz bahrz

noun, cycling lingo

Base bars are a type of handlebar used by time trial cyclists.

Example usage: 'He switched to base bars to improve his aerodynamics.'

Most used in: Time trial and triathlon events.

Most used by: Professional and amateur time trial cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

Also see: Drop Bars, Aero Bars, Bullhorn Bars, Pursuit Bars,


What are Base Bars?

Base bars are a type of handlebars that are used in time trial cycling. They are designed to be aerodynamic and provide the rider with an aerodynamic position. They are typically U-shaped, with the rider's hands being positioned on the top of the bar, rather than on the side.

Base bars are designed to provide the rider with a more aerodynamic position and less wind resistance than traditional drop handlebars. This makes them ideal for time trial cycling, where aerodynamics is a key factor. Studies have shown that base bars can reduce the drag of a rider by up to 8%, which can make a significant difference in the overall performance of a time trial cyclist.

Base bars usually come with a variety of accessories, such as arm rests, aerobars, and shifters. These accessories can further improve aerodynamics and provide the rider with a more comfortable and efficient riding position. Base bars also provide better control of the bike and more stability when cornering.

Base bars are a great choice for any time trial cyclist looking to improve their performance and increase their speed. They are lightweight and aerodynamic, and can provide a comfortable and efficient riding position. With the right accessories, they can make a huge difference to the overall performance of a time trial cyclist.

The Origin of 'Base Bars' in Time Trial Cycling

The term “Base Bars” was first used in time trial cycling in the United States in the late 1980s. The term refers to a type of handlebar that is designed to provide cyclists with an aerodynamic advantage during time trials.

Base Bars were developed by a company called Profile Design and were designed to offer a more aerodynamic position than traditional drop bars. The bars featured a shallow drop and a flat top section, allowing riders to get into a low, aerodynamic position without having to bend their elbows too much. The bars also featured a wide range of adjustability, allowing riders to customize their position.

Base Bars quickly became popular among time trialists and triathletes in the United States, and their popularity quickly spread to other countries. Today, Base Bars are a popular choice among time trial riders and triathletes all over the world.

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