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bay-s kamp rydz

Noun, Verb

A group ride in which cyclists ride from a predetermined point and then return to the same point

Example usage: We'll be going on a basecamp ride this Sunday.

Most used in: Locations with lots of cycling routes and scenic areas.

Most used by: Recreational cyclists and cycling clubs.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: Group Rides, Club Rides, Training Rides, Base Miles,

What are Basecamp Rides?

The term "basecamp rides" in cycling refers to rides that are planned and organized starting from a central location or basecamp. This central location is typically chosen because it offers convenient access to a variety of cycling routes, making it an ideal starting point for exploring different areas and terrains.

Basecamp rides are popular among cycling groups, clubs, or individuals who want to go on multi-day cycling adventures without the need to relocate each day. The basecamp serves as a home base, and cyclists venture out on different routes during the day, returning to the same location in the evening. This setup allows cyclists to cover more ground, explore diverse landscapes, and experience different challenges, all while having a comfortable and familiar place to return to each night.

Basecamp rides are especially common in cycling tourism and bikepacking, where cyclists explore new regions and immerse themselves in the local culture and scenery. The basecamp approach allows riders to maximize their time on the bike, avoid the logistical complexities of relocating daily, and provides a sense of stability during the cycling adventure.

In addition to cycling, the concept of basecamp rides is also applied in other outdoor activities like hiking and mountaineering, where a central camp serves as the starting point for exploring the surrounding area.


The History of the Term 'Basecamp Rides'

In mountaineering and exploration, a basecamp is a central and relatively secure location set up to support further expeditions into unexplored or challenging terrains. From this central base, climbers or adventurers can venture out on various routes to explore the surrounding areas, reaching higher altitudes or distant regions.

The concept of basecamps in cycling was likely adapted from this mountaineering context to describe a similar setup for cyclists. Instead of mountain peaks, cyclists use the basecamp as a starting point for exploring different cycling routes, either for day trips or multi-day rides. The basecamp offers a familiar and comfortable place to return to after each day's ride.


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