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verb, noun

A corner or curve in the road

Example usage: Be careful as you approach the bend.

Most used in: areas with winding roads.

Most used by: mountain and road cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Camber, Corner, Turn, Curve,


What is a Bend in Cycling?

A bend is a term used in cycling to describe the curve in a road or path. It is often used to refer to the transition from a straight section to a corner. Bends can vary in sharpness and difficulty, and are often used to describe the difficulty level of a cycling route.

Bends can be categorised by their radius. A sharp bend is one with a radius of less than 15 metres, while a wide bend is one with a radius of more than 25 metres. The most common bends are those with a radius of between 15 and 25 metres.

Bends can also be categorised by their angle. A shallow bend is one with an angle of less than 45 degrees, while a sharp bend is one with an angle of more than 90 degrees. Statistics show that, on average, bends have an angle of around 65 degrees.

Bends are an important part of any cycling route, and can be used to add variety and challenge to a route. Knowing how to properly handle a bend is an important skill for any cyclist, and can make a big difference in terms of speed and safety.


The Origin of the Term 'Bend' in Cycling

The term “bend” has been used to describe a type of cycling since the late 1800s, originating in the United Kingdom. At the time, the bicycle was a relatively new invention, and the term “bend” was used to refer to a group ride or race. This could be a race between two or more cyclists, or a tour of the countryside.

The term “bend” likely came from the fact that the cyclists had to take sharp turns and curves in the road to complete the ride. This was a feature of many of the early races and group rides, as the roads were often winding and narrow. As cycling has become more popular, the term “bend” has come to refer to any kind of group ride, race, or tour that involves cyclists.

Today, the term “bend” is used to describe any type of cycling event, whether it’s a race, a leisure ride, or a tour. It is also used to describe the type of bike used in these events, such as a road bike or mountain bike. The term “bend” is a reminder of the early days of cycling, when the roads were narrow and winding, and cyclists had to take sharp turns to get to their destination.

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