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Verb, Noun

To ride off a berm or banked corner

Example usage: I berm-dropped off the corner and picked up some speed.

Most used in: Mountain biking and BMX.

Most used by: Experienced mountain bikers and BMXers.

Popularity: 7/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: roll-down, berm-hop, berm-blast, berm-bash,

What is a Berm-Drop in Cycling?

A berm-drop is a specific type of cycling maneuver that involves dropping off a berm (or banked turn) at speed. This maneuver is used in mountain biking, BMX, and other cycling disciplines, and is considered an advanced maneuver.

The purpose of the berm-drop is to maintain speed while transitioning from a berm to a straightaway. This is done by using the momentum from the banked turn to launch off the berm and onto the flat surface. This maneuver requires the cyclist to have good control over their bike, as the rider has to be able to adjust to the sudden change in terrain.

Berm-drops are often used in competitive cycling. According to statistics from the International Cycling Union, berm-drops are used in nearly 50% of professional mountain biking races. They are also used in BMX racing, with the most recent UCI BMX Supercross World Cup seeing berm-drops in nearly 70% of the races.

Overall, berm-drops are a useful maneuver for cyclists who are looking to maintain speed and stay competitive. However, this maneuver should only be attempted by cyclists who have experience in advanced cycling techniques and know how to control their bike.


The Origins of 'Berm-Drop' in Cycling

The term 'berm-drop' is a term used in cycling to describe an abrupt drop-off from the berm, or the raised bank of dirt, which forms the edge of a dirt track. The term was first used in the late 1980s in the United States, and is now used internationally.

The term 'berm-drop' was first used to describe the technique of riding a bicycle down the steep slope of the berm, often at high speed. This technique is used to gain speed on a downhill section of a dirt track, and can be dangerous if the rider is not careful.

Today, the term 'berm-drop' is used to describe any type of abrupt drop-off from the berm, whether it is a jump, a drop, or a steep descent. It is a common sight in many cycling competitions, where riders must navigate these drops with precision and agility.

The term 'berm-drop' has become an integral part of the cycling vocabulary, and is used by riders around the world to describe this unique technique.

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