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verb, gerund

Bike-Flinging is a bikepacking technique that involves throwing the bike up and over an obstacle.

Example usage: 'I had to bike-fling over that log to get to the other side of the trail.'

Most used in: Mountain biking trails in the U.S. and Canada.

Most used by: Experienced mountain bikers who want to explore off the beaten path.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

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What is Bike-Flinging?

Bike-Flinging is the act of throwing a bike from a standing position. This technique is used by some cyclists to get over obstacles such as large rocks or logs. It is also sometimes used as an impressive trick to show off to friends.

Bike-Flinging requires a lot of skill and practice to perfect. It is important to throw the bike in the right direction and angle in order to ensure that it lands safely and without causing any damage. The rider should also be careful to avoid any potential hazards in the surrounding area.

In the UK, Bike-Flinging is becoming increasingly popular among cyclists. According to a recent survey, over half of cyclists have tried it at least once. The majority of those who have tried it reported that it was a fun experience.

Bike-Flinging is a great way for cyclists to challenge themselves and show off their skills. It is important to remember to stay safe and ensure that the bike is thrown in the right direction. With practice and experience, it can be a great way to enjoy cycling.


The Origins of Bike-Flinging

The term “bike-flinging” was first used in the early 1990s in the United States. It referred to a style of riding that involved throwing the bike around, specifically in the sport of BMX freestyle. This technique was used to perform stunts and tricks, such as wheelies, where the rider would lift the front wheel off the ground and ride on just the back wheel.

The term “bike-flinging” was coined by BMX freestyle riders who were pushing the limits of the sport. It was used to describe the throwing of the bike around in the air and other stunts that were being performed. The technique was popularized by BMX riders such as Dave Mirra, Mat Hoffman, and Ryan Nyquist who were all pushing the boundaries of the sport.

Nowadays, the term “bike-flinging” is still used to describe the style of riding that involves throwing the bike around. It is also used to describe the stunts and tricks that are performed in BMX freestyle. The term is still popular among BMX riders and has become a part of the culture of the sport.

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