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baɪk wrek


A crash or accident involving a bicycle

Example usage: I had a bike-wreck on my way to work this morning.

Most used in: Urban areas and cycling communities.

Most used by: Commuters and competitive cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

Also see: Pile-up, Tangle, Stack, Crash,


What is a Bike-Wreck?

A bike-wreck is a term used to describe a serious cycling accident. It can occur in any cycling discipline, including road, mountain, and BMX biking. In the U.S., bike-wrecks are estimated to cause over 500,000 emergency room visits annually.

Bike-wrecks can be caused by a variety of factors, including rider inexperience, unsafe riding conditions, bad weather, and faulty equipment. In some cases, the rider may be at fault, while in others, the fault may lie with the bicycle itself or with the environment in which the accident occurred.

Common injuries resulting from bike-wrecks can include road rash, broken bones, head injuries, and internal organ damage. In extreme cases, bike-wrecks can even result in death. Wearing a helmet and other protective gear can help reduce the severity of injuries sustained in a bike-wreck.

Bike-wrecks can be avoided by riding safely and following proper cycling protocol. Always wear a helmet and other safety gear, and obey traffic laws and cycling etiquette. Additionally, make sure that your bike is properly maintained, and be aware of your surroundings when cycling.


The Origins of the Cycling Term 'Bike-Wreck'

The term 'bike-wreck' has been used in the cycling world since the early 1900s. It first appeared in print in a 1906 article in the 'Cycling Quarterly' magazine which described a 'bike-wreck' as a 'disastrous crash'.

The term gained more popularity in the 1930s when it was used to describe a situation where a cyclist is involved in a crash with another cyclist or a motor vehicle. It was also used to describe a situation where a cyclist had an accident due to their own mistakes or carelessness.

The term 'bike-wreck' has since become widely used in the cycling world to describe any accident involving a cyclist. It is commonly used to describe a situation where a cyclist has been involved in a crash or has suffered an injury due to their own mistakes or carelessness.

The term 'bike-wreck' is still widely used today and has become an integral part of the cycling vocabulary. It is used to describe any kind of accident involving a cyclist and is a reminder to cyclists to be careful when out on the roads.

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