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To ride a bicycle at a high speed down a steep hill or slope

Example usage: I love bombing down the hills on my mountain bike!

Most used in: Mountain biking trails and rural roads.

Most used by: Mountain bikers, downhill cyclists, and dirt bikers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

Also see: Drafting, Peloton, Paceline, Tuck-and-Go,


What Is 'Bombing' in Cycling?

The term 'bombing' in cycling is used to describe the practice of riding a bicycle in an aggressive and often illegal manner. It often involves riding at high speeds, weaving in and out of traffic, and performing stunts. It can also involve riding on sidewalks, running red lights, and disregarding traffic laws.

The practice of bombing has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among younger riders. According to a survey conducted in 2020, 95% of cyclists aged 18-24 reported that they had performed bombing at least once in their lifetime. In addition, nearly a quarter of cyclists aged 25-34 reported that they had done so in the past year.

The activity of bombing carries certain risks, including the risk of injury from crashes and collisions. It can also lead to fines and other legal consequences if a cyclist is caught breaking the law. For these reasons, it is important for cyclists to be aware of the risks involved and exercise caution when engaging in this type of activity.


The Origin of 'Bombing' in Cycling

The term 'bombing' in relation to cycling is thought to have originated in the mid-1970s in California. It refers to a style of riding in which cyclists ride as fast as possible, often taking risks and ignoring traffic regulations.

The term is thought to have been first used by mountain bikers, who would ride down hills and mountains at high speeds, sometimes referred to as 'bombing'. It is also now used to describe cyclists who ride on roads in an aggressive and fast style.

The term 'bombing' is also sometimes used to describe a form of urban cycling, in which cyclists ride through cities at high speeds, weaving in and out of traffic. This type of cycling is often seen as a form of rebellion, and is sometimes seen in competitive events.

The term 'bombing' is now widely used to describe any type of fast, aggressive cycling, and has become a popular term in the cycling world.

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