Verb, Noun

To cycle hard and fast, usually downhill

Example usage: I'm going to try bombing-it down this hill!

Most used in: Mountain biking and cycling culture.

Most used by: Experienced cyclists and mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: Sprinting, Hammering, Going Full Gas, Giving it Beans,


What Does It Mean to 'Bomb It' in Cycling?

The term 'bombing it' in cycling is used to describe the act of riding with maximum effort, pushing one's self to the limit. It is the act of pushing oneself to the limit, either to get to a destination as quickly as possible, or to ride a section of the course with maximum speed.

In the context of competitive cycling, bombing it is when a cyclist tries to set a personal best time on a particular course or segment. It is a term often used by recreational cyclists who are trying to challenge themselves to ride faster. It is also used by experienced cyclists to refer to the challenge of racing against the clock.

The term is also used to describe a certain type of mountain biking, which is characterized by aggressive riding with jumps, drops, and technical features. This is a popular style of riding for mountain bikers looking to push the limits of their skills.

According to the National Cycling Participation Survey, there are over 4 million people who regularly cycle in the UK. That number is expected to grow over the coming years as more and more people take up cycling as a hobby or a form of exercise. With more and more people taking up cycling, the term 'bombing it' is likely to become more and more popular.

The Origin of the Term 'Bombing-It' in Cycling

The term 'bombing-it' is used in cycling to describe an aggressive and fast style of riding. It originates from the mid-20th century racing scene in the United Kingdom. The phrase itself was first used by British cyclists in the 1950s, and was often used to describe the aggressive and fast style of racing that was popular at the time.

The term has since been adopted by cyclists in other countries, and is used to describe any type of riding that involves pushing the limits and riding with reckless abandon. It has become an integral part of the cycling lexicon, and is used to describe a variety of different styles of riding, from downhill mountain biking to long-distance road riding.

The term 'bombing-it' has become a part of cycling culture, and is often used to describe riders who are pushing themselves to the limit and trying to go as fast as they can. It is a testament to the skill and commitment of cyclists who are willing to push themselves to their limits, and it is a term that is now used around the world.

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