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Broom Wagon

noun, proper noun

Broom Wagon is a support vehicle that follows the riders of a race, providing assistance and picking up riders who have dropped out.

Example usage: I was so exhausted that I had to get a ride in the broom wagon.

Most used in: Road cycling races.

Most used by: Professional and amateur cyclists.

Popularity: 7

Comedy Value: 3

Also see: Peloton, Caravan, Autosuiveur, Gruppetto,


What is a Broom Wagon?

A broom wagon is a vehicle that follows a cycling race, usually a stage race. Its purpose is to pick up cyclists who are no longer able to continue, either due to fatigue, mechanical failure, or some other cause. The broom wagon is also referred to as the “sag wagon”, or “follow car”.

The broom wagon typically follows the race in the same order that the cyclists are riding, so that cyclists who have dropped out can be safely picked up without disrupting the race. The broom wagon usually has a couple of mechanics and a driver, and usually carries a spare bike and a few tools in case of mechanical failure.

Broom wagons have been around since the early days of bike racing in the late 19th century. In recent years, the use of broom wagons has become more common, as the number of cyclists participating in races has increased dramatically. According to the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), the governing body of cycling, over 27 million people worldwide ride a bicycle at least once a week.

The use of a broom wagon is an important part of any bike race, as it ensures the safety of cyclists who are no longer able to continue. By providing a safe way to transport cyclists off the course, the broom wagon helps to ensure that the race can run smoothly and safely.


The Curious Origin of the Cycling Term 'Broom Wagon'

The term 'Broom Wagon' has been used in the cycling world since the late 19th century. It is believed to have originated in France around 1895, during the first Tour de France. The Tour de France was a grueling race that spanned more than 2,000 miles across the country.

The 'Broom Wagon' was the name given to the last vehicle in the race caravan. It was responsible for picking up any riders who had been unable to finish the race, as well as collecting any discarded equipment left behind. The term 'Broom Wagon' was intended to evoke the idea of a vehicle sweeping up the stragglers, much like a broom sweeps up dust and debris.

The term 'Broom Wagon' has been in use ever since, and is now used to refer to any vehicle used to collect riders who have been unable to complete a race. Despite the name, modern broom wagons are usually vans or trucks rather than wagons.

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