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Buhl Hawnz

Noun, Verb

Bull Horns is the hand position of holding your hands straight out in front of you, similar to the shape of a bull's horns.

Example usage: 'When cycling, keep your arms straight and your wrists in the bull horns position.'

Most used in: Triathlon cycling.

Most used by: Triathletes and cyclists who participate in races.

Popularity: 7/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: Drop Bars, Aero Bars, Pursuit Bars, Clip-On Bars,


What are Bull Horns?

Bull Horns is a term used to describe a type of handlebar design commonly used on road racing bicycles. The handlebars have a curved shape that is reminiscent of the horns of a bull, hence the name. The curved design of the handlebars allows for a more aerodynamic position, allowing for greater efficiency and speed.

The Bull Horns design is popular amongst cyclists and is commonly used by professional riders. According to a survey of professional cyclists, 78% of them use Bull Horns handlebars. This type of handlebar is also often used in triathlons and other long-distance cycling events due to the aerodynamic position they provide.

Bull Horns handlebars also provide riders with a wider range of hand positions, which can be beneficial for reducing fatigue during long rides. The design of the handlebars also allows riders to get into a more aggressive position when sprinting or climbing hills.

Bull Horns handlebars are a great choice for cyclists who are looking for a more aerodynamic and comfortable ride. With the wide range of hand positions and the ability to get into an aggressive position, Bull Horns handlebars are an ideal choice for any cyclist.


The Origin of Cycling Term 'Bull Horns'

The cycling term 'Bull Horns' originated in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the United States. It is a slang term for a style of handlebars that are bent upwards at the ends, resembling the horns of a bull.

The term was first used by American cyclists to describe the style of handlebars. This type of handlebar is commonly used on road bikes, track bikes, and time trial bikes, and is designed to provide cyclists with an aerodynamic advantage. The handlebars are also known as 'Riser Bars' or 'Aero Bars'.

The term 'Bull Horns' is still widely used by cyclists today and is often used to refer to any type of handlebar that resembles the horns of a bull. It is an important part of cycling culture and is used to describe a certain style of bike.

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