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Candybar is a slang term for a drop bar handlebar with a flat section on the top.

Example usage: My new bike has candybar handlebars for a more comfortable grip.

Most used in: Road cycling circles.

Most used by: Road cyclists who prefer a flat handlebar section for a more secure grip.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: Drop bar, Bullhorn bar, Aero bar, Pursuit bar,


What is a Candybar in Cycling?

Candybar is a term used in cycling to describe a handlebar with a flat top and a slight drop on the sides. It is an iconic shape that has been around since the early days of cycling. It is a popular choice for road, touring and cyclocross bikes.

The shape of a candybar handlebar offers a variety of advantages. It provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip, and the flat top section allows a rider to easily reach the brakes and shifters. The drop on the sides also helps to provide more leverage when climbing hills or sprinting.

Candybar handlebars are also popular because they are lightweight and easy to install. According to surveys, almost 40% of cyclists prefer to use candybar handlebars. This number is even higher for recreational cyclists, with more than half preferring this type of handlebar.

Overall, candybar handlebars are a popular choice for cyclists of all levels. They are lightweight, comfortable, and provide the rider with plenty of control and leverage.


The Sweet Origins of the Cycling Term 'Candybar'

The cycling term 'Candybar' has been around since the mid-1980s. First used in the United States, it is a slang term that refers to the shape of handlebars on a bike. The term is derived from the shape the handlebars make when viewed from the side, which looks similar to the shape of a candy bar.

The term was popularized in the cycling world by the advent of mountain bikes in the 1980s. Mountain bikes had flat, wide handlebars that were designed for off-road maneuverability. The design of the handlebars became known as 'candybar' due to its similarity to a candy bar.

The term 'candybar' is still widely used today in the cycling world and is used to refer to handlebars that have a wide, flat shape. It is a common sight to see cyclists with candybar handlebars on their bikes, as the design is often preferred for off-road cycling.

So the next time you see someone with a bike with flat, wide handlebars, you can thank the cyclists of the 1980s for popularizing the term 'candybar'!

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