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kat fohr sy-kuh-list

Cat, 4, Cyclist

A category of cyclist ranked fourth in ability

Example usage: He's a Cat-4-Cyclist and competes in races regularly.

Most used in: Cycling events and competitions.

Most used by: Amateur and competitive cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Category 4 cyclist, Cat 4 racer, Cat 4 rider, Cat 4 competitor,


What is a Cat-4 Cyclist?

Cat-4 cyclist is a term used in the sport of cycling to refer to a rider who is in the fourth category of the USA Cycling racing license program. A Cat-4 cyclist is typically a recreational racer who is new to the competitive cycling scene and looking to gain experience.

In order to become a Cat-4 cyclist, an individual must complete a USA Cycling-sanctioned race and obtain a racing license. A Cat-4 rider is eligible to race in any event that is considered a Category 4 race. This includes state and regional championships, as well as local races.

Cat-4 cyclists are typically novice riders who are looking to gain experience and move up to the higher categories. In the USA Cycling racing license program, the higher categories are Cat-3, Cat-2, and Cat-1. Cat-4 cyclists are also required to upgrade to the next category after they have achieved a certain number of points. As of 2020, the point requirements for Cat-4 riders to upgrade to Cat-3 are 15 points in a 12-month period.

Cat-4 cyclists are an important part of the cycling community. They are the foundation of the sport and serve as an entry point for new riders. Their enthusiasm and dedication to the sport are what helps to keep the cycling community strong and vibrant.


The Origin of the Term 'Cat-4-Cyclist'

The term 'Cat-4-Cyclist' was first used in the United States in the late 1980s to describe a level of cyclist in competitive cycling. The categorization of cyclists into four categories was based on the ability level of the rider. The categories, in order from lowest to highest, were Cat-4, Cat-3, Cat-2, and Cat-1.

The Cat-4 level was the lowest level of competitive cycling. It was designed for cyclists with the least amount of racing experience or those who were new to the sport. Cyclists in the Cat-4 level were typically those who had not yet won any races or had very little competitive experience.

The term 'Cat-4-Cyclist' has since come to mean any cyclist who is at a beginner or novice level, regardless of their racing experience or ability. It is a term that is still widely used in the cycling community today.

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