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Kats Wis-kurz

Noun, Slang

Cat's Whiskers are two lines of reflective tape on a frame or fork blades.

Example usage: My bike has Cat's Whiskers on the fork blades for extra visibility at night.

Most used in: Northern European countries where cycling is a popular form of transportation.

Most used by: Commuters and recreational cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

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What are Cat's Whiskers?

Cat's Whiskers is a term used in cycling to refer to the handlebars of a bike. It is also known as drop handlebars, and is the most common type of handlebar used by professional cyclists. Cat's Whiskers handlebars feature two curved downward pointing bars that extend from the stem, allowing the rider to adjust their position for improved aerodynamics and increased comfort.

By leaning forward onto the bars, cyclists can reduce air resistance and increase their speed. This is especially beneficial when competing in races, as it can provide an edge over other cyclists. According to a survey by the British Cycling Federation, over 80% of professional cyclists prefer Cat's Whiskers handlebars when competing in races.

Cat's Whiskers handlebars are also popular among recreational riders, as they provide an ergonomic position that is comfortable and easy to control. The handlebars also provide the rider with multiple hand positions that can help to reduce fatigue on long rides.

The History of 'Cat's Whiskers' - The Cycling Term

The cycling term 'Cat's Whiskers' has been around since the late 1800s. It is believed that the term originated from the United Kingdom, specifically from Yorkshire, where the locals referred to the handlebars of the bicycle as 'Cat's Whiskers'.

The term was first used to describe the handlebars of a bicycle, which were often made of metal, and were curved in a way that resembled the whiskers of a cat. This look was very popular at the time, and it was used by both men and women. The handlebars were also often decorated with beads or other decorations, which further enhanced the resemblance to a cat's whiskers.

The term 'Cat's Whiskers' is still used to this day, although it is now largely used to describe the handlebars of a modern racing bike. It is a term that has been passed down through generations of cyclists and is still used to describe the handlebars of a bicycle.

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