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Chayn Kat-chur


A part of a bike frame mounted to the front derailleur to prevent the chain from falling off.

Example usage: 'I recently installed a chain catcher on my road bike to prevent the chain from slipping off the small ring.'

Most used in: Mountain biking and road biking.

Most used by: Cyclists who ride on rough terrain or who frequently shift gears.

Popularity: 7/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Chain Guard, Chain Keeper, Chain Watcher, Chain Retainer,


What is a Chain Catcher in Cycling?

A chain catcher is a small device typically mounted near the front derailleur of a bicycle that is designed to stop the chain from falling off the front chainrings. It is a small piece of metal, usually made of aluminum or steel, that is mounted between the chainrings and the derailleur cage. The chain catcher is designed to catch the chain in the event of a derailment, preventing it from getting caught in the spokes of the wheel or coming off the chainring altogether.

Chain catchers are most commonly used on mountain bikes, but they can also be found on some road and touring bikes. The use of a chain catcher has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it provides an extra level of protection against the chain coming off the chainrings. Studies have shown that chain catchers can reduce the risk of chain derailment by up to 40%, making them an important safety feature for any cyclist.

Though chain catchers are not mandatory, they are highly recommended for any cyclist who rides in rough terrain or on trails. The added protection they provide can be invaluable, and can help to prevent potentially dangerous situations. If you’re considering adding a chain catcher to your bike, be sure to consult with a professional bike mechanic to ensure that it is properly installed.

The Origin of the Term 'Chain Catcher' in Cycling

The term 'chain catcher' first emerged in cycling circles around the turn of the 21st century. It was used to describe a small metal bracket or plate that was designed to fit onto the front derailleur of a bicycle. This device was intended to catch the chain if it were to drop off the front chainrings.

The term 'chain catcher' was first used in the United States, and it quickly spread to the rest of the world. The device was invented by Shimano, a Japanese bicycle component manufacturer, in 2000. Since then, other manufacturers have developed their own versions of the device.

The 'chain catcher' has become an essential component of modern cycling. It is used to keep the chain in place, preventing it from dropping off the chainrings and causing damage to the derailleur. It is also used to improve the shifting performance of the drivetrain, and to reduce the risk of the chain jamming.

The 'chain catcher' is an important part of the modern cycling experience, and it has been an essential part of the sport for over two decades. This invention has helped to make cycling more efficient and safer for riders all over the world.

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