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The padding in cycling shorts

Example usage: 'I'm so glad my cycling shorts have a chamois-butt for extra comfort.'

Most used in: Cycling communities throughout Europe and North America.

Most used by: Road cyclists and mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Saddle sores, padded shorts, butt butter, chamois cream,

What is Chamois-Butt?

Chamois-butt is a cycling term used to describe a person who is a beginner in the sport of cycling. It is derived from the French word 'chamois', which is a type of soft leather traditionally used to make cycling shorts. The term 'chamois-butt' is used to describe a cyclist who is new to the sport and is not yet experienced enough to handle the physical demands of cycling.

Although chamois-butt is often used in a humorous way, it is important to remember that all cyclists were beginners at some point. It should not be used to belittle or make fun of someone who is just starting out. In fact, the number of new cyclists is on the rise, with the National Retail Federation reporting that cycling related purchases have increased by 20 percent in the last year.

Chamois-butt can also refer to the discomfort that many cyclists experience after long rides. This is caused by the chamois, or padding, in cycling shorts rubbing against the skin. To avoid this, it is important to choose cycling shorts that fit properly and are made from quality materials.

So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, understanding the term chamois-butt is important. It is a reminder that everyone was a beginner at some point, and that cycling should be an enjoyable experience for all.


The Origin of the Term 'Chamois-Butt' in Cycling

The term 'chamois-butt' is a slang term used to refer to cyclists who ride in tight spandex shorts. The word 'chamois' is derived from a European antelope, which was historically used to make a soft leather material used to line cycling shorts. The term 'chamois-butt' was first used in the late 1970s, and was popularized in the cycling culture of Northern California.

The term 'chamois-butt' was first used to describe cyclists who wore tight shorts made of a chamois material. This material was comfortable, and allowed cyclists to ride for longer periods of time without discomfort. The term was also used to refer to cyclists who had a 'grippy' seat, which was a result of the chamois material.

Today, the term 'chamois-butt' is still commonly used to refer to cyclists who wear tight spandex shorts. It is a humorous term that has become ingrained in the cycling culture, and is used as a way to describe a unique style of cycling.

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