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sham-ee shayf


Pain or discomfort caused by cycling shorts rubbing against the skin.

Example usage: I had to stop my ride early due to extreme chamois-chafe.

Most used in: Areas with long rides and/or rough terrain.

Most used by: Cyclists who ride long distances and/or ride on rough terrain.

Popularity: 7

Comedy Value: 2

Also see: Chamois Rub, Saddle Sore, Saddle Discomfort, Skin Irritation,


What is Chamois-Chafe?

Chamois-chafe is a common cycling term used to describe the irritation that can occur between the inner thigh area and the chamois, or padded bike shorts, when cycling. It is a common cycling issue that can cause discomfort and even pain for riders.

Chamois-chafe is caused by a combination of friction and moisture, which can cause skin irritation and even rashes. The best way to avoid it is to wear the right kind of cycling shorts and chamois, as well as making sure to keep the area dry and clean. According to a survey conducted by Cycling Weekly, 75% of cyclists have experienced chamois-chafe at some point, with the majority of cases being caused by the wrong type of chamois or cycling shorts.

In order to prevent chamois-chafe, cyclists should choose cycling shorts and chamois that are specifically designed to reduce friction and moisture. It is also important to make sure that the shorts and chamois fit properly in order to reduce the chances of chafing. Additionally, riders should make sure to wash their cycling shorts regularly and use an anti-chafe cream or powder to help keep the area dry and reduce friction.

Chamois-chafe can be a painful and irritating issue for cyclists, but with the right preventive measures it can be avoided. By choosing the right cycling shorts and chamois, keeping the area clean and dry, and using anti-chafe creams or powders, riders can reduce their chances of experiencing this issue.


Chamois-Chafe: The Origins of a Cycling Term

The term “chamois-chafe” has been used in the context of cycling for many decades. The word is believed to have originated in the early 1900s, in the cycling-centric region of Northern Italy. The word refers to the abrasive chafing that can result when cyclists wear inadequate clothing while riding.

The term “chamois-chafe” is believed to have been derived from the name of a type of leather traditionally used to make cycling shorts. Chamois leather is soft and supple, and was once the material of choice for cycling apparel. However, without the addition of padding, chamois leather can be quite abrasive against the skin and cause painful chafing. As a result, the name “chamois-chafe” was born.

Today, the term “chamois-chafe” is still used to refer to the painful chafing that can result from inadequate clothing while cycling. Modern cycling shorts are made from a variety of materials, including synthetic fabrics and padding to prevent chafing, but the term “chamois-chafe” is still used to refer to the painful chafing that can occur from inadequate cycling apparel.

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