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sham-ee cream rash


A skin irritation caused by prolonged contact with chamois cream

Example usage: 'I had a bad case of chamois-cream-rash after my last long ride.'

Most used in: Long-distance cycling communities.

Most used by: Cyclists who use chamois cream regularly.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: Chamois dermatitis, Saddle sores, Perineal dermatitis, Groin rash,


What is Chamois-Cream-Rash?

Chamois-cream-rash is a common skin condition among cyclists. It is caused by friction between the cyclist's skin and a bicycle chamois, which is a padded material placed between the cyclist and the bicycle seat. As the cyclist moves, the chamois material rubs against the skin, resulting in a rash.

Chamois-cream-rash is a very common problem among cyclists, with a survey conducted in the UK in 2010 indicating that up to 80% of cyclists had experienced it at least once. The rash can range from mild irritation and redness to more serious cases of skin inflammation. The rash can also be painful and uncomfortable, making it difficult for cyclists to pedal.

In order to prevent chamois-cream-rash, cyclists should wear padded shorts and use a chamois cream or lubricant to reduce friction. It is also important for cyclists to clean and dry their chamois material after every ride. With proper care and preventative measures, cyclists can avoid the discomfort of chamois-cream-rash.

The Origin of the Term 'Chamois-Cream-Rash'

The term 'Chamois-Cream-Rash' dates back to the late 1970s, when cyclists in the United States began to recognize the need for a protective barrier between their skin and the leather chamois padding of their bike shorts.

Chamois-cream, a lanolin-based product, was developed as a preventative solution to the discomfort of long-distance cycling. Cyclists began to apply the cream to the chamois of their bike shorts before a ride in order to reduce friction and prevent chafing.

As the popularity of the product grew, so did the number of cases of cyclists developing a rash from the cream itself. This rash, caused by an allergic reaction to the lanolin, became known as 'Chamois-Cream-Rash'.

Today, cyclists in all areas of the world are aware of the risks associated with chamois-cream and take steps to avoid it. However, the term 'Chamois-Cream-Rash' is still used to describe the discomfort caused by an allergic reaction to lanolin.

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