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verb, noun

To shift gears quickly in order to increase or decrease pedaling intensity.

Example usage: I'm going to do a change-up to get up this hill.

Most used in: Cycling circles in the United States.

Most used by: Road cyclists and mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8

Comedy Value: 3

Also see: Cadence, Gear Shift, Shifting, Gear Change,


What is a Change-Up in Cycling?

A change-up is a cycling technique used to switch gears while pedaling. It is a common strategy used by cyclists to increase their speed and efficiency. The goal is to shift into a higher gear when going uphill or a lower gear when going downhill.

To perform a change-up, the cyclist must press down on the pedals while simultaneously shifting the gear lever. This motion is repeated until the desired gear is reached. It is important to maintain a consistent cadence when changing gears to avoid a sudden jerk in the chain or a loss of momentum.

Studies have shown that cyclists who use a change-up technique can increase their performance by up to 10%. This is because it allows them to take advantage of the terrain and adjust their speed and power output accordingly. Additionally, cyclists who use a change-up technique can conserve energy, leading to improved endurance.

In summary, the change-up is a useful technique for cyclists to increase their speed and efficiency. It is important to practice proper technique when performing a change-up to ensure a smooth transition and maximum results.


The Origin of the Term 'Change-up' in Cycling

The term “change-up” is used to refer to a cycling technique in which the cyclist changes the speed of their pedaling. This technique is often used to conserve energy and can be used for a variety of different cycling activities, such as mountain biking, road cycling, and track cycling.

The term “change-up” was first used in the early 1900s in the United Kingdom. It was used to describe a cyclist’s ability to change their pedaling speed in order to conserve energy and maximize their performance. While the exact origin of the term is unknown, it is believed to have been derived from the military term “change of pace” which was used to describe soldiers changing their marching speed.

Since its introduction, the term “change-up” has become an integral part of cycling culture. It has been used to refer to a variety of different techniques, including changing the cadence, changing the gear, and varying the intensity of pedaling. While the term is most commonly used in the UK, it has been adopted by cyclists around the world and is now used to describe the same technique regardless of the geographical area.

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