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klahy-puhss ped-uhl


A type of bicycle pedal that requires special shoes with cleats that lock into the pedal for increased efficiency during cycling.

Example usage: I bought a new pair of clipless-pedals to get more power in my cycling.

Most used in: Mountain biking and road cycling.

Most used by: Cyclists who are looking for a more efficient way to cycle.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

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What are Clipless Pedals?

Clipless pedals are a type of bicycle pedal system that enables riders to clip their cycling shoes into the pedals for a secure and efficient connection. This type of pedal system is becoming increasingly popular for cycling enthusiasts as it offers more power and control when riding.

The cleat system is a large part of the clipless pedal system. The cleat is a small metal or plastic component that attaches to the sole of the cycling shoe. When the rider presses down on the pedal, the cleat locks into the pedal, securing the rider’s foot to the pedal. To disengage from the pedal, the rider simply twists their heel outward.

Clipless pedals offer several advantages over traditional flat pedals. For one, the secure connection between the rider’s foot and the pedal increases power output and efficiency. Research has shown that riders using clipless pedals can generate up to 30% more power than those using flat pedals. Additionally, clipless pedals provide better control and stability on the bike, allowing for more precise handling.

Clipless pedals are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists, with more than 50% of road cyclists now using clipless pedals. While the technology is still relatively new, the advantages of clipless pedals are clear for all levels of cyclists.


The Origin of the Term 'Clipless-Pedal' in Cycling

The term 'clipless-pedal' was first used in the early 1980s to describe a type of bicycle pedal that does not require the use of a toe clip and strap to keep the rider's feet attached to the pedals. This type of pedal was developed in Japan by Shimano, a leading manufacturer of bicycle components, and was first used by professional cyclists in the Tour de France in 1984.

Due to its ease of use and improved performance, clipless-pedal technology quickly spread throughout the cycling world. By the 1990s, clipless-pedal technology was standard on most bicycles. It is now the most popular type of bicycle pedal and is used by riders of all levels.

The term 'clipless-pedal' has become a popular phrase among cyclists, and is now used to refer to any type of bicycle pedal that does not require the use of a toe clip and strap.

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