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KLIP-less PED-ul SIS-tem

Noun, Adjective

A type of bicycle pedal which requires special shoes that clip into the pedal.

Example usage: I'm going to upgrade my bike to a clipless-pedal-system for more efficient pedaling.

Most used in: Road cycling and mountain biking.

Most used by: Experienced cyclists who are looking for a more efficient pedaling experience.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

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What are Clipless Pedal Systems?

Clipless pedal systems are a type of cycling pedal system that are widely used by cyclists of all levels. They are designed to securely attach the cyclist’s shoe to the pedal, providing a more efficient and powerful pedal stroke. Clipless pedal systems are so named because they do not require the use of a toe-clip and strap system, which was traditionally used to attach the cyclist’s shoe to the pedal.

Today, most clipless pedal systems use a cleat attached to the bottom of the cyclist’s shoe that engages with a spring-loaded mechanism on the pedal. The cleat is held in place by a wide variety of mechanisms, depending on the model of the pedal system. The cleat is typically released by twisting the heel outwards, allowing the cyclist to quickly disengage from the pedal.

Clipless pedal systems are a popular choice among cyclists due to their increased power and efficiency. Studies have shown that clipless pedal systems can increase a cyclist’s power output by up to 10%, allowing them to ride faster and further with less effort.

Clipless pedal systems are available in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from basic models to more advanced models with adjustable tension and cleat positioning. No matter what type of clipless pedal system you choose, they all offer the same benefits of increased power and efficiency.


The Origin of Clipless Pedal Systems in Cycling

The term “clipless pedal systems” first came into use in the early 1980s, when Look, a French company, began producing and marketing the first such systems for road cyclists. The idea was to connect the shoe directly to the pedal so that the cyclist could more efficiently transfer power from the upstroke to the downstroke. The use of clipless pedals quickly spread throughout the cycling world.

The original Look clipless pedals used a cleat bolted to the shoe and a corresponding cleat on the pedal. This system works similarly to ski bindings, and the design is still used today. Over the years, the design of clipless pedals has been improved to provide a more secure connection between the shoe and the pedal, as well as better power transfer and more efficient pedaling.

Today, clipless pedal systems are used by cyclists of all levels, from recreational riders to professional racers. They provide a more efficient and secure connection between the shoe and the pedal, allowing the cyclist to transfer more power and pedal more efficiently.

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