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Klip-ing owt

Verb, Noun

Clipping Out is the act of unclipping from the pedals when coming to a stop.

Example usage: I clipped out before coming to a stop at the intersection.

Most used in: Road cycling circles.

Most used by: Experienced road cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10.

Comedy Value: 2/10.

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What Does It Mean to 'Clip Out' in Cycling?

In cycling, clipping out is the act of rapidly unclipping one’s feet from the pedals when stopping. This is done to avoid any sudden jerking motion that could throw the rider off balance. Clipping out is an important skill to have, especially when cycling in a group. It’s especially important to know how to clip out quickly and safely when riding on a busy road or in a race.

Clipping out is generally done by pressing down on the pedal with the foot and quickly pulling the foot out of the pedal. The key is to press down on the pedal with enough force to unclip the cleat, but not so much that the rider loses balance. It’s also important to practice clipping out in different scenarios, such as when turning a corner or when braking suddenly.

Clipping out is a skill that many cyclists take for granted, but it’s an important part of cycling safety. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, cyclists who are unable to clip out quickly are more likely to suffer an injury. Additionally, cyclists who practice clipping out regularly are more likely to have better balance and control of their bike.

In summary, clipping out is an important skill for any cyclist to have. It’s a skill that can help to prevent injuries and improve overall cycling performance. Practicing clipping out regularly can help to ensure that cyclists are able to quickly and safely unclip from the pedals when necessary.

The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Clipping Out'

The phrase “clipping out” has been used in the world of cycling for many years. It is believed to have originated in the early 1900s in the United States, and is used to describe the act of unclipping from the pedals of a bicycle.

The phrase is thought to have come from the early days of cycling when the pedals were attached to the bicycle using toe clips. These toe clips were used to secure the feet to the pedals, and allowed the cyclist to pedal more efficiently. When it was time to stop, the cyclist would have to “clip out” of the pedals in order to be able to easily get off the bike.

Since then, the phrase “clipping out” has become widely used in the cycling world. It is used to describe the act of unclipping from the pedals, and is often used when referring to the act of disengaging from the pedals when coming to a stop.

The phrase “clipping out” is still widely used in the cycling world today, and is used to describe the act of unclipping from the pedals. It is a reminder of the early days of cycling, and a testament to the importance of safety when riding a bicycle.

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