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A cyclist who is not very experienced or skilled.

Example usage: I was riding with some cobblers yesterday and had to slow down a lot.

Most used in: The United Kingdom.

Most used by: More experienced cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

Also see: Rouleurs, Roubaixers, Pave specialists, Paris-Roubaix specialists,


What is the Cycling Term 'Cobblers'?

In the context of cycling, ‘cobblers’ is a term used to describe a particularly difficult section of a ride. It’s often used to describe a section of a route that’s particularly hilly, technical, or both. The term is derived from the idea that the terrain is so difficult that it would be impossible to cobble together a route to make it any easier.

Cobblers can be found in any type of terrain, from steep mountain roads to winding forest trails. Depending on the region, they can be more or less difficult. For example, in the UK the Lake District is known for its cobblers, with steep gradients and tricky technical sections.

Cobbling together a route to conquer a cobblers is a badge of honor for cyclists. According to a survey conducted by Cycling UK in 2019, more than half (54%) of British cyclists said they had completed a cobblers ride, with the majority (83%) saying they would recommend it to other cyclists.

The Origin of the Term “Cobblers” in Cycling

The term “cobblers” is a British slang used to refer to a cyclist who is riding in an inefficient or clumsy way. The origin of this term is not clear, but it is thought to be related to the old English phrase “to cobble”, meaning to work in a clumsy or inefficient manner. It is likely that the term was first used in the late 19th century in the UK, and has since spread to other countries around the world.

The term has become popular in the world of cycling and is often used to describe cyclists who are riding in an inefficient or clumsy way, such as those who are struggling with steep hills, or those who are not using the correct technique. It is also sometimes used to describe cyclists who are riding in a dangerous or reckless manner.

The term “cobblers” is a reminder to cyclists that it is important to ride safely and efficiently, and to use the correct technique to ensure that they are not putting themselves or others at risk. It is also a reminder that cycling should be enjoyed in a safe and responsible manner.

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