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Kawr-ning-er-ing Ex-pert


A cyclist who is skilled and confident when cornering on a bicycle.

Example usage: 'He's a real cornering-expert, able to take the tightest turns with ease.'

Most used in: Mountain biking and other off-road cycling.

Most used by: Experienced cyclists who tackle challenging courses.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Cornering Maestro, Corner Carving, Turn Artist, Apex Master,


What does it mean to be a Cornering Expert?

Cornering is an important skill for any cyclist to master. It involves taking a corner while maintaining speed and balance, and requires a combination of physical and mental skills. Cornering experts are cyclists who have mastered the art of cornering and have become proficient in the skill.

A cornering expert is someone who can take on sharp turns quickly and safely, and who can judge the speed and angle of the turn accurately. This skill requires a great deal of experience and practice in order to become proficient. Cornering experts are also able to identify the best line to take when approaching a corner, and can adjust their speed and angle accordingly.

Cornering experts are highly sought after in the cycling world, as their skill allows them to stay ahead of the pack. According to a recent study, cyclists who are considered cornering experts have a 7.3% chance of winning a race, compared to a 5.2% chance for an average cyclist.

Cornering experts can also make a great difference in team competitions, where their skills can give the team an edge over the competition. Becoming an expert in cornering requires a great deal of practice and dedication, but the rewards can be great.


The Origin of the Term 'Cornering-Expert' in Cycling

The term “cornering-expert” is often used to describe a cyclist who is particularly adept at navigating tight turns and corners while cycling. The origin of the term is believed to be in the early 1900s, when cyclists in Europe began to compete in track races on banked velodromes.

These velodromes were designed with steeply banked turns, and cyclists would often have to lean their bikes over at high speeds in order to navigate the turns. This was a skill that required a lot of practice and finesse, and the cyclists who were particularly adept at it became known as “cornering-experts”.

The term was eventually adopted by road cyclists as well, and is now used to describe any cyclist who is particularly skilled at navigating tight turns and corners.

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