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CP, Critical Power

The maximum amount of power a cyclist can sustain for a given amount of time.

Example usage: I'm pushing my CP to the limit on this climb.

Most used in: Road cycling and track cycling.

Most used by: Competitive cyclists and racers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: FTP, W'bal, MAP, CP60,


What is Critical Power (CP) in Cycling?

Critical Power (CP) is a cycling term used to describe the power output of a cyclist over a specific duration of time. It is a measure of the maximum power a cyclist can sustain for a given amount of time. Typically, CP is measured in watts and is used to identify the optimal power output for a cyclist when racing or competing in time trials.

CP is determined by performing a series of tests on a cyclist to determine their average power output over a set duration. This duration can range from 1 minute to 30 minutes, depending on the rider's preferences and goals. After the tests are completed, the average power output over the duration is used to calculate the cyclist's CP.

CP is a valuable tool for cyclists when training and competing. It allows them to identify their optimal power output when racing, as well as set and reach their training goals more effectively. Research has shown that CP is a more accurate measure of a cyclist's performance than traditional measures like heart rate or speed alone.

Overall, Critical Power (CP) is an important term for cyclists to understand and use to their advantage. Knowing their CP can help them to optimize their performance and reach their goals. With the right training and preparation, a cyclist's CP can be improved and their performance enhanced.

The Origin of CP - Critical Power in Cycling

The term “Critical Power” (CP) is widely used in cycling and other endurance sports. The concept of CP was first introduced in the mid-1980s by researchers from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. The term was used to describe the maximum power output that could be sustained for a given duration.

The study was conducted on cyclists and runners who rode or ran for a set period of time, while their power output was measured. The researchers found that the power output for each duration was consistent across different athletes. This consistent power output became known as the Critical Power.

The Critical Power concept has been widely used in cycling and other endurance sports since its introduction. It is used to measure an athlete’s performance and to help them train for their desired event. It is also used to help cyclists set training goals and to determine the best strategies to achieve them.

The term “Critical Power” has become an integral part of cycling and other endurance sports. It is a useful tool for athletes to measure their performance and to set training goals.

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