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Verb, Noun

Riding on the front of a bicycle, sitting on the handlebars while another person pedals it.

Example usage: 'Can I get a crossie home?'

Most used in: The UK

Most used by: Kids with a friend who has no bike

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: Riding on the back of a bicycle, Pillion, Croggy, Backie

What is a 'Crossie' in Cycling?

A 'Crossie' is a slang term used to describe riding on the crossbars of someone's bicycle. It is a popular activity among cyclists, and is also known as a 'croggie' or 'backie'. Crossies aren't graceful but they might have gotten you home from school or a friends house quicker - as long as you didn't have to stop every 5 mins.

The Origin of the Word 'Crossie' in Cycling

The term "crossie" is a colloquial term that's developed over time among communities, deriving from the action of sitting across the bike's crossbar, especially resonant in Glasgow. It's notable that cycling communities and regions have their unique lingo and terms for shared experiences, and "crossie" is just one of many (see riding on the back of a bicycle).

This particular term seems deeply rooted in local vernacular, reflecting the communal aspect of cycling, where sharing a ride isn't just a matter of convenience but an expression of camaraderie and local culture. The intricacies of these terms often carry historical and social nuances that enrich the cycling culture, making every ride a journey through the tapestry of shared narratives and lived experiences.

The earliest mentions we could find of this term were in the 1960's with it mainly being focused around Scotland.

The journey to uncover the roots of "crossie" opens up a fascinating exploration into the whimsical and communal aspects of cycling terminology. It's a reminder of how language evolves with the pedals of time, cycling through generations of riders bound together by a shared love for the open road and the companionship found in a shared ride.

If any cycling aficionado has insights or historical nuggets on the term "crossie," the cycling community would surely love to hear and learn from it!

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