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sahy-kuhl-ing nik-uhrz


A type of cycling clothing typically worn by women, consisting of shorts and leg warmers.

Example usage: 'I'm going for a ride, I need to put on my cycling-knickers.'

Most used in: North America and Europe.

Most used by: Female cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: Bib Shorts, Bib Tights, Lycra Shorts, Knickerbockers,

Cycling-Knickers: A Stylish Choice for the Cycling Enthusiast

Cycling-knickers, also known as bike-shorts, are a type of garment designed to be worn for cycling. Traditionally made of spandex or nylon, they are designed to be form-fitting and provide aerodynamic advantages while riding. They also provide padding to help reduce chafing, and often have reflective elements to increase visibility.

In recent years, cycling-knickers have become increasingly popular with both men and women. According to a survey from the National Bicycle Dealers Association, more than half of all bike riders (58%) have purchased cycling-knickers in the past year. This is a significant increase from the 33% of riders who reported having purchased cycling-knickers in 2019.

Cycling-knickers are a great choice for the cycling enthusiast who wants to look stylish while riding. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and can be paired with other cycling apparel for a complete look. Whether you're a casual rider or a competitive cyclist, cycling-knickers are a great way to stay comfortable and look good while on the bike.


The Origin of Cycling-Knickers

The term “cycling-knickers” first appeared in the late 19th century, when cycling first became popular. At the time, women commonly wore long skirts or dresses while cycling, which was deemed inappropriate due to the dangers of getting caught in the bike’s wheels. As a result, the invention of “cycling-knickers”, a type of knee-length trousers, became popular with female cyclists.

The first known use of the term “cycling-knickers” was in 1895 in the United Kingdom. This type of clothing was designed to be comfortable and practical for cycling, while maintaining a sense of modesty. Cycling-knickers were typically made from wool, although some were also made from cotton and other materials.

The popularity of cycling-knickers quickly spread to other countries in Europe, the United States, and Canada. By the early 20th century, cycling-knickers had become an essential part of a cyclist’s wardrobe. Although the popularity of cycling-knickers has waned in recent decades, they remain a classic style of cycling apparel.

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