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sah-list rassh


A skin rash caused by cycling, usually on the inner thighs.

Example usage: I've had cyclist rash for weeks now and it's starting to get really itchy.

Most used in: Cycling communities, especially in warm climates.

Most used by: Cyclists who do not wear padded shorts.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Chamois rash, Saddle Sore, Perineal dermatitis, Bicycle shorts dermatitis,


What is Cyclist Rash?

Cyclist rash is a term used to describe the abrasions and skin irritation that can occur on a cyclist’s body as a result of cycling. Commonly referred to as “road rash”, this type of skin irritation is caused by friction between the cyclist’s skin and their clothing, saddle, handlebars, and other parts of the bike.

The severity of cyclist rash can range from minor abrasions to more serious skin irritation and even infection. As a result, it is important for cyclists to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of skin irritation and infection. This includes wearing cycling clothing that is designed to wick away moisture, keeping the bike clean and lubricated, and using a saddle with a good fit.

According to statistics, cyclist rash is a common issue for cyclists of all levels. In fact, it is estimated that around 50% of cyclists experience some form of cyclist rash. It is also important to note that cyclist rash can also be caused by other factors, such as excessive sweating or contact with chemicals.

Cyclist rash is an issue that all cyclists should take seriously. Taking the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of skin irritation and infection can help ensure that cyclists have a safe and enjoyable ride.


The Origins of Cyclist Rash

Cyclist rash is a term used to describe the irritation and subsequent rash that can occur on the skin of a cyclist, usually on the inner thighs, buttocks, and groin area. It is caused by the constant rubbing of the skin against the saddle and is a common problem for cyclists.

The term “cyclist rash” was first used in 1891 by Dr. J.C. Wilson in his book “The Cyclist’s Manual”. In this book, he described the condition as “chafing of the skin, especially of the thighs, caused by the continual pressure of the saddle on the same spot”. This is now known as “cyclist rash”.

Since its first use in the late 19th century, the term has been used to describe the skin irritation caused by cycling in many countries around the world, including the United States, Britain, and Australia. It is now a widely recognized condition among cyclists and is treated with a variety of creams, balms, and other products.

Cyclist rash is an annoying but common problem for cyclists, but with proper care and prevention, it can be managed and avoided.

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