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Cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing on a course that typically includes a mix of paved and unpaved surfaces.

Example usage: 'I'm entering a cyclocross race this weekend!'

Most used in: Europe, especially in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Most used by: Mountain bikers and cyclists who enjoy a mix of off-road and on-road cycling.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Cyclocross Racing, CX Racing, CX, Cyclo-Cross,

What is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing that is held on a closed course featuring a variety of terrain, including pavement, dirt, gravel, sand, and mud. The sport originated in Europe in the early 1900s and has become increasingly popular in the United States over the past decade. Cyclocross races typically last between 30 minutes and an hour and are divided into multiple laps around the course.

In a typical race, riders must navigate a combination of surfaces and obstacles, such as barriers, stairs, and sand pits. Riders must also dismount and carry their bikes over various obstacles. Races are typically held in the fall and winter months, and riders are encouraged to dress for the conditions. Cycling shoes, mud tires, and special clothing are all common items used by cyclocross riders.

Cyclocross has grown in popularity in recent years, with the number of registered racers in the US increasing from 5,000 in 2000 to over 28,000 in 2015. The sport has attracted a diverse range of athletes, from elite riders looking to win world championships to weekend warriors looking for a challenging and fun form of exercise.

Cyclocross is a fast-paced and exciting sport that is growing in popularity around the world. If you're looking for a challenging and fun way to stay in shape, cyclocross might be the perfect fit.

The History of the Cycling Term 'Cyclocross'

The term 'cyclocross' was first used to describe a type of cycling race in Europe in the early 1900s. The sport originated in France, but quickly spread to other countries in Europe, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Cyclocross races are typically held in the fall and winter months, and feature a course with a variety of terrain. Racers must complete multiple laps of the course, which includes obstacles such as hills, stairs, sand pits, and mud. The goal of the race is to complete the course in the fastest time possible.

The sport has grown in popularity in recent years, with the first official World Championships taking place in 1950. Today, there are numerous cyclocross races around the world, and the sport is included in the UCI World Cup series.

Cyclocross is an exciting race that has been thrilling cyclists for over a century. Whether you're a professional racer or a casual cyclist, it's a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the sport of cycling.

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