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Descender: A cyclist who is going downhill on a bike.

Example usage: He was an expert descender, gliding down the hill with ease.

Most used in: Mountainous terrain.

Most used by: Mountain bikers and bikepackers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

Also see: Downhiller, Downhill Racer, Downhill Mountain Biker, Gravity Racer,

What is a Descender in Cycling?

Descenders are cyclists who have a particular love for the downhill sections of a route. They are usually considered to be the fastest and most daring riders on the road, often pushing their own limits as they fly down the hills. The term “descender” is derived from the word “descend,” which means to go downhill.

Descenders typically have a few things in common: they look for the steepest, most technical routes, and they have a strong desire to go fast on the downhill sections. They are usually the first to take the plunge on a downhill and the last to reach the bottom. Descenders often take risks to gain speed, such as taking tighter turns and avoiding braking.

Descenders come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no one type of cyclist who fits the mold. They can be found in all types of cycling disciplines, from mountain biking to road racing. Descenders are also often experienced cyclists who have been riding for many years and have learned how to push their limits safely.

According to a survey by the National Cycle Network, descenders make up around 10% of the cycling population. This number is likely to be higher among more experienced cyclists, as they are more likely to take risks and push their own limits.


The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Descender'

The term 'descender' first appeared in the late 19th century and was used to describe a cyclist who was skilled in descending hills. It is believed to have originated in the cycling culture of the United Kingdom, where the hilly terrain of the countryside made descending a challenge.

The earliest known use of the word was in 1886 when a British newspaper, The Field, featured an article about a race between two cyclists. The article referred to one of the cyclists as a 'descender'.

The term 'descender' has since become a part of cycling culture worldwide. It is used to describe any cyclist who is skilled at descending hills, and is often used to refer to professional cyclists who excel at this particular skill.

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