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Noun, Slang

A term of endearment for die-hard cyclists who live on the road.

Example usage: 'He's been out bikepacking for weeks, what a Dirtbag!'

Most used in: Bikepacking circles and ultra-distance cycling adventures.

Most used by: Adventure cyclists and long-distance tourers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

Also see: Randonneur, Gravel Grinder, Bikepacker, Adventure Cyclist,


What is a Dirtbag Cyclist?

Dirtbag cyclists are a unique breed of cyclists who have adopted a lifestyle of cycling and minimalism. A dirtbag cyclist is someone who is able to make do with the bare minimum of resources, typically living out of their bike or van, and traveling from place to place to ride their bike. The term “dirtbag” originated in the climbing community to refer to climbers who gave up their normal lives to pursue their passion of rock climbing.

The dirtbag cyclist lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people taking to the roads with their bikes and minimal possessions. According to a study conducted by Adventure Cycling Association in 2017, the number of bicycle tourists has increased by 37% over the past decade.

Dirtbag cyclists are typically characterized by their resourcefulness and commitment to their lifestyle. They are known for their willingness to take risks, their passion for cycling, and the spirit of adventure that drives them. Dirtbag cyclists are a unique breed of cyclists who have embraced a simpler lifestyle for the love of cycling.

The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Dirtbag'

The term “dirtbag” is a slang term used in the cycling world to refer to someone who is dedicated and passionate about cycling. It is generally used as a term of endearment, to describe someone who is willing to sacrifice their comfort and lifestyle in order to pursue their cycling dreams.

The exact origin of the term “dirtbag” is up for debate. Some believe it was first used in the mid-1990s in the United States, while others claim it was in use as early as the late 1980s in the United Kingdom. Regardless, the term has been popularized by the mountain biking community and is now used in many countries around the world.

The term “dirtbag” is often used to describe someone who is willing to go to extreme lengths to pursue their cycling goals. It is a term of admiration, used to describe someone who is dedicated, passionate, and driven to achieve their cycling dreams.

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